Investing in a brand New World

Dear Investor:

Life does not occur only when two inert molecules come marvelously together to create that emerging phenomenon called life, but it does so always and irremediably within a niche. Likewise, viability is achieved when there is a balance between the organism and its environment called homeostasis. This equilibrium is achieved through the adaptation via amplification and reduction of the varieties of the regulating capacity of the organism and the environment in a beautiful circular circuit of endless feedback called control.

These premises for systemic viability have accompanied us since the first beta of Ultramarine, our intelligent investment technology. They fulfill the double purpose of being a measure of evaluation and orientation of our innovative business model, of each iteration of its algorithms, of each action of our artificial intelligence… of our sense and motivation.

I invite you to add this perspective to your usual way of evaluating your investment strategies and also serve as an alternative criteria when deciding about regulating capacity and complexity control. The future is no longer what it used to be, and therefore investment models must in turn adapt to these new conditions of our brand-new digital era. Welcome!

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