About Océano Capital

Five years ago we introduced our intelligent Ultramarine technology, which changed the way professional investors invested in quant funds. Some people even said that it changed the way they understand the investment sector at all.

After an average annual return from 2014-2019 of 49,5% on managed accounts we were ready to take next step. Welcome to our new investment fund: Océano FX.

The first investment fund based on a truly real artificial intelligence for this brand new world.

Who we are?

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Oceano FX

  • With Oceano FX you benefit in a machine controlled way from the enormous liquidity of the world’s largest investment market, the international currency market (FOREX), with a volume of 5.1 trillion USD in daily transactions.
  • It offers trading opportunities 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday divided into three sessions: European, American and Asian.
  • This means that there is always a huge supply and demand and avoids falling into the risk of the stock market where a security can be intervened or suspended without warning or fall into a situation where a counterparty cannot be found for a position to exit in time at any required moment.
  • We develop investment strategies based on artificial intelligence that we previously tested manually.
  • These algorithms end up being automatic strategies that buy or sell in the currency market under a series of well-defined rules or norms.
  • They act at specific moments when there are inefficiencies and/or clearer opportunities in the market.
  • They are part of a system that identifies, analyzes, compares and acts 24 hours a day on investment opportunities and risks.
  • Oceano FX trades exclusively in FOREX and executes only spot and intraday orders, closing all positions at the settle of each day. We do not invest in derivatives or futures, nor do we carry positions overnight.
  • This means that the investor can withdraw all or part of his investment from one day to the next. Without any penalty or cost and just by giving the order.
  • The empirical demonstration of the perfect functioning of our technology is a 5-year return on managed accounts of 281.21% or 895.16% at accumulated interest.
  • Ultramarine is based on AI algorithms (machine learning and deep learning) on a multi-level neural network structure that learns and plans its actions as a result of generating automatic buying and selling strategies under a series of scientifically defined rules and standards. We have cancelled the most risky variable when investing: personal intuition and its limits when interpreting variables, calculation speed and decision making in a world of exponential complexity and dynamics.
  • We enter the market discretionally and only at specific moments when a series of clear market inefficiencies coincide. To take a position the probability of success must always be equal to or greater than 87.5%. Ultramarine is not a high frequency technology. On average it enters the market between 4 and 6 times a day.
  • Currently we only invest in the four major currencies, US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen and occasionally in Canadian Dollar.
  • However, Ultramarine analyses all other currencies as it precisely identifies and tracks many of the patterns of inefficiencies through crosses between all other currencies and the majors.
  • It uses dynamic stop-loss and take-profit orders when the position is opened and initiated in favour of the market movement, positioning both to cover the gains as well as adapting to the possible slippage by attending to its own historical empirical statistical information.
  • All the algorithms are supervised by our AI technology that calibrates and improves them by varying their parameters according to the changes, disturbances and new particular conditions of the market and applying genetic tests to optimize the combination of all the algorithms. Simultaneously, constantly, without rest and in tenths of seconds.
  • Losses are statutorily limited to a maximum of 1% per day. Although today we are already below 0.8% per day. At this point the AI pauses all operations, analyzes the situation and recalculates all performance parameters, assesses whether a normal scenario has occurred or there is a new variation in the patterns of the algorithms and learns from this new situation to again maximize the output of the entire system. Ultramarine is an evolutionary machine that never makes the same mistake twice.