Investing in a brand new world

Océano Capital is an investment fund based on the most advanced artificial intelligence technology to date. A discipline so exciting that it is capable of taking us like no other technique or science to the frontier of human knowledge. This is a fantastic journey into the understanding of the human mind and what it is capable of doing.

Its applications help us to explore and take advantage of the nature of today’s most needed resource: information and communication. Or what is the same: the intelligence, the conscience and the human behavior that have left us a legacy of triumphs and tragedies and that only now we are able to take advantage of and bring to limits unknown until now.

Through the following points we want to briefly introduce to you Ultramarine, our ai technology and share with you how the development of complex models of artificial intelligence can manage not only the immense complexity of data related to the financial sector, but also serve to optimize decision-making processes when it comes to managing more safely and profitably your cash-flow surplus and liquidity.

Human beings do not have the capacity to process the quantity of information as an artificial intelligence technology does. Not to speak about the speed of processing vast amounts of data in milliseconds and having a perfect memory -indispensable factors to adapt our trading decisions to the complexity , speed and dynamics of our financial and economic environments. How is it possible that we entrust our life to a car that drives autonomously, and do not yet dare to entrust our investment to a machine?

To the traditional approach of quant methods based on algorithms nurtured by data and functioning within a merely mathematical and linear framework, we add a systemic approach consisting of constant learning and planning of abstractions and synthesizing subjective processes such as concepts, topics, analogies, coherences and similarities in the forex market in  particular and in the financial, economic, political, social, technological and cultural sectors in general. We group the topics into meshes of relationships that translate into hypothesis and concepts within a big data repertoire that allows Ultramarine to constantly evolve with the aim of investing with a level of risk that tends to zero.

We identify the logic within a system that learns and makes fewer mistakes over time and find the most efficient way to maximize the function between viability (learning and evolution) on the one hand and profitability and risk (success) on the other.

Due to Ultramarine’s ability to identify, calculate and shrink the hypotheses of the causes and reproduction of behavior patterns, its linkage meshes provide us with a dynamic model of what it means to know something “more” and decide without emotions the most correct trades minimizing to unknown limits the predictive dispersion of when to invest and how much each time.

In other words: not only working on the recovery of the structure or content of a database (the traditional model of “artificial intelligence”), but rather the kinetic recomputation of the individualized knowledge of the mechanics of circular circuits of cause and effect and feedback loops.

The relationship of our new technology within the investment sector is a fertile subject, which allows us to develop the notion of viability in great detail, to the point of breaking down the “acquisition of knowledge” into operations of distinction, construction of procedures and meta-learning. The results are so remarkable, so consistent -even in these critical times- that it seems that the future is our -and now- your present.